Data science for startups

Credible Informatics

Develop solid ML/AI capabilities in your growth-stage organization


Data Strategy

At Credible Informatics, our goal is to make data science the most confident investment an early-stage company could make.

Whether you want to utilize data for better targeting of your growth efforts, or develop a new intelligent feature within your current product, or simply want to automate manual processes using data pipelines, it always begins with a thoughtfully crafted strategy. 


Custom Development

If data is the new oil, then it must be worth actively exploring, mining and refining it, and using it to power your projects. But, just like oil, all data is not the same. It differs by its depth, how it has been gathered and enriched,  how it will be consumed. 

We develop powerful metrics, build ML models and create differentiating IP for our clients.


Data Workflow Management

Many startup teams struggle to prioritize data over more urgent tasks – building product, acquiring users, raising money. 

That’s not only because it requires specialized data skills, but also because the results are  hard to put to use in a cross-functional environment. We make it easier for everyone involved to give their best to, and receive the most out of, your data initiatives.